The Patent Reform Debate, Circa 1967

The Senate Judiciary Committee holds a business meeting Thursday on S. 23, the Patent Reform Act.

By chance, we spotted this 1967 coverage of the issue.

The patents committee of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) has thrown its full support to the broad objectives of the Report of the Presidents Commission on the Patent System. At a meeting in New York City, the committee also indicated that it would welcome an opportunity to assist in the legislative resolution of the issues presented in the report (C& EN, Dec. 12, 1966, page 27).

Under the chairmanship of Frederic O. Hess, president of Selas Corp. Of America, the association’s patents committee applauded the efforts of the President’s commission to propose constructive improvements of the patent system. The recommendations are part of an interrelated and coherent plan to counter the obsolescence of the current patent system, a situation created by industry by the many new products it makes, Mr. Hess said.

To an audience of more than 200 industrial executives, patent attorneys, and government officials, the committee outlined the …

That’s the abstract to the article in Chemical and Engineering News, the archives of which are online and available for searching here. You have to pay for full access, but it’s a reasonable price ($10 for 48 hours of content).

The abstracts alone are enough to provide a good sense of things, and it’s fun just to browse through. Here, for example, is an account of the December 1944 NAM conference in NYC, including a “Reconversion Congress,” at which Ll. Gen. Brehon B. Somervell discussed wartime materiel needs. (Which takes us to this newsreel clip.)

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