The First Mention of Manufacturing on Senate, House Floors

By January 7, 2011Economy

Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) wins the prize for being the first member of the 112th Congress to speak the word “manufacturing” on the chamber floor, mentioning it in Wednesday’s speeches praising Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) for becoming the longest-serving woman member of the Senate. From page S10 of The Congressional Record:

I have been a proud partner with her on making commonsense changes to our Nation’s immigration system. She also has been a strong advocate for Federal programs that promote manufacturing, such as the Commerce Department’s Manufacturing Extension Program and the Technology Innovation Program.

On the House side, the first mention of the word “manufacture” came Thursday in a special order speech by Rep. Steve Pearce (R-NM), who returns to the Congress after serving three terms last decade. In his remarks entitled, “Issues Facing the 112th Congress,” Pearce talked about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill:

the Obama administration implemented a moratorium, and that moratorium shut down the drilling offshore. We have 33 deepwater platforms. Those deepwater platforms cost billions to make, sometimes 15 years to manufacture them, and we have now shut them down; no economic activity at all.

Now, any business will tell you that they’ve got to have revenue from their investment. And so now then those deepwater rigs are beginning to steam away at about two or three knots per hour to foreign countries. Some have already gone to Africa, South America; and those jobs will never occur offshore in the U.S. again. I think that that’s an over-response from the Obama administration, and I believe that one of the things this Congress should do is pull the pendulum back to the middle.

We will not cotinue this exercise, looking for the first mention of the word “manufacturing” in other contexts. It doesn’t seem that informative as a measure of Congress’ attention to the economy and the manufacturing sector.

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