In Tough Times, More EEOC Complaints

The Wall Street Journal, “Charges of Bias at Work Hit Record”:

Private-sector workers filed a record number of discrimination charges against employers during fiscal 2010, an increase business groups and attorneys attributed primarily to the strained economy.

The number of charges filed with the EEOC rose to nearly 100,000, up 7% from the year-earlier period and 21% from fiscal 2007.

“When times are good, people are happy and when they’re not, they aren’t,” said Joe Trauger, vice president of human-resources policy for the National Association of Manufacturers, a business trade group. “Anytime we go into a recession or the economy gets a little shaky the numbers seem to spike a bit,” he said.

In a blog post earlier today, Joe illustrated that historic point with a chart. We’ll reproduce it here:

Excel chart and spreadsheet here.

The EEOC’s release is: “EEOC Reports Job Bias Charges Hit Record High of Nearly 100,000 in Fiscal Year 2010

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