Friday Factory Tune: Mathilde

By January 28, 2011Friday Factory Tune

In salute to new Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who is driving a strong agenda for jobs, manufacturing and economic growth, we offer this video from another great Scott Walker from the Midwest. It’s the pop Scott’s performance from the “Dusty Springfield Show,” Sept. 19, 1967.

The video is Walker doing one of the Jaques Brel numbers he liked to cover, “Mathilde.” His version of another Brel tune, “Jackie,” is excellent.

As Scott Engel, the performing Scott was an Ohio-born teen star who emerged as a Walker in Los Angeles and then England as part of the hugely successful Walker Brothers (“The Sun Ain’t Going to Shine Anymore.”

Since then, he’s become idiosyncratically reclusive, or reclusively idiosyncratic, with a fair documentary done about his life, “30 Century Man.” The hipster like him, probably more than they like Gov. Walker.

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