By January 17, 2011Economy

Prior to President Obama’s announcement of his new economic team members on Friday, Jan. 7, several media outlets reported the anticipated appointment of Ron Bloom to a new, elevated White House position on manufacturing, with the inevitable shorthand of “manufacturing czar” being mentioned. Since then, the speculation has subsided.

Which is all for the good. Sometimes, personnel ISN’T policy, policy is policy.

In his current capacity as Senior Advisor to the Secretary for Auto Issues and Auto Task Force senior member — “czar” would be a shorter title, wouldn’t it? — Bloom spent part of last week at the Detroit Auto Show. He submitted a post at the Treasury Department’s blog, “Reflections from the Detroit Auto Show.”

Looking at the innovations premiered at this year’s show only confirmed my belief that in the next dozen years, the automobile industry will see more change than it has in the last 50 and that that change will encompass almost every aspect of what we think of today as the car business.

We don’t immediately find the full text of Bloom’s remarks. Here’s coverage:

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