The Challenges Before Us Recall the Great Suez Crisis

One imagines the White House speechwriters’ meeting.

“We need a metaphor, maybe a historic allusion to really drive home the magnitude of the challenge that faces us.”

“Right. Right …hmmm…And since he’s trying to engage students, something that’s relevant to the kids.”



If our challenges today are akin to Sputnik, then who or what is the Soviet Union?

Hindustan-Times, “Obama calls for ‘Sputnik moment’ to stay ahead of India, China“:

US President Barack Obama has called for another “Sputnik moment”, saying America must invest in innovation and technology and seize new opportunities to remain competitive with nations like India and China. “We need a commitment to innovation we haven’t seen since president (John F.) Kennedy challenged us to go to the moon,” he said in a speech on Monday in Winston-Salem, North Carolina recalling what the US did in the 1950s and 60s to match the Soviet Union after it launched the first satellite Sputnik.

Warning that countries like India, China, and South Korea posed fierce economic competition by focusing on educated workers, research and technology and quality infrastructure, Obama said the US was not keeping up.

And North Korea is today’s Cuba.

Personally, we would have gone with the “Great White Fleet moment.”

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  • John Colwell says:

    Is this the same Obama who recently turned NASA, a symbol of American efficacy, into some sort of community organization to help Muslims feel better about themselves? Who are we kidding? The same deplorable state of ideas that put Obama in the White House will assuredly consign the U.S. to the junk pile of history.

    Some argue that education needs to be “reformed.” I shutter to think what that means. However, I do know this: You cannot educate a nation that openly celebrates ignorance, and worse yet, has a government that rewards it.

    As the Reverend Wright says, “God damn America!” I’m beginning to believe He already has.

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