Member Focus and Cool Stuff Being Made: Explosion Welding

By December 16, 2010Cool Stuff Being Made

The November issue of the National Association of Manufacturers’ monthly publication, Member Focus, has just been posted online with reports on the 2010 elections, the lame-duck session of Congress, and top policy issues including taxes and trade.

There’s explosive coverage, or rather, coverage of explosion welding in the feature, “Cool Stuff Being Made,” highlighting the manufacturing processes used by the Colorado-based manufacturer, Dynamic Materials Corp.

As Member Focus reports:

Based in Boulder, Co., Dynamic Materials Corporation is the world’s leading provider of explosion-welded clad metal plates. In the late 1960s, Dynamic Materials started an explosion metal forming business that shaped blank sheets of metal alloys into complex three-dimensional parts for aerospace equipment manufacturers.

Today, its products are typically used in industrial capital projects in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, petrochemicals, alternative energy, hydrometallurgy, aluminum production, shipbuilding, power generation and industrial refrigeration, among others.

In this month’s “Cool Stuff Being Made,” we get a sneak peek at Dynamic Materials’ explosion welding process, the only welding method capable of joining nearly every kind of metal combination, regardless of the type or composition. Watch how the intense force of these high-powered explosions almost seamlessly welds large metal plates together. Fire in the hole! 

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