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Here’s a selection of coverage of President Obama’s visit to Forsyth Technical Community College in Winston-Salem, N.C., on Monday, starting with the hometown paper. As we blogged yesterday, Forsyth Tech and the Manfacturing Institute are working together on several educational and training fronts, and the President’s visit highlighted important issues and an excellent institution. 

Winston-Salem Journal, “Obama seeks revival of ‘Made in America’ Forsyth Tech an example of what can help, he says“: 

With images of Forsyth Technical Community College’s cutting-edge biotech equipment fresh in his mind, President Obama called yesterday for a new “Sputnik moment” that will re-establish the United States as the global leader in education, innovation and infrastructure. 

“We need to do what America has always been known for — building, innovating, educating, making things,” Obama said to an audience of 350 people at Forsyth Tech’s west campus. “We don’t want to be a nation that simply buys and consumes products from other countries. We want to create and sell products all over the world that are stamped with three simple words: Made in America.”, “President’s Visit Shines Light On Forsyth Tech” 

Almost 11,000 students are enrolled at the school, which claims the largest biotechnology degree program of any community college in the state. 

One of the students, Katy Proctor, told Obama that she came to FTCC after spending 30 years in the furniture industry. Proctor said she is the mother of young children and wants to inspire them to pursue their dreams.

Charlotte Observer, “Technology is Obama’s theme“:

Obama chose Forsyth Tech to unveil a theme aides say he will emphasize in 2011: The United States must take steps to regain its economic edge in the world market.

Even in difficult budget times, Obama said, the country needs to invest in education and innovation. He noted that when Forsyth Tech opened 50 years ago, it was an industrial center focusing on machine shops and auto mechanics, and the state’s economy was based largely on tobacco and textiles. But today there is fierce global competition, with the Internet allowing companies to set up anywhere. 

“At this moment, the most important competition we face is not between Democrats and Republicans,” Obama said. “It’s between America and our economic competitors all around the world. 

“The hard truth is this: In the race for the future, America is in danger of falling behind.” 

 Wall Street Journal, Washington Wire blog, “Obama: New Spending Needed for Education, Innovation“: 

“WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.–President Barack Obama said the U.S.’s ability to compete in the global economy depends on making new investments in education, innovation and infrastructure. 

As Democrats and Republicans talk more about the need to cut federal spending, Mr. Obama argued that spending on tuition assistance, research and development tax credits and other initiatives cannot be reduced. 

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