Food Safety Modernization Act Passes Senate, Back to House

By December 20, 2010Energy, Regulations

The Senate revived the Food Safety Modernization Act on Sunday, correcting its error to obey the U.S. Constitution’s requirement that revenue measures — in this case, a fee on companies involved in food recalls — originate in the House of Representatives.

The new language comes in a form of the amendment, SA 4890 (printed in The Congressional Record here), to H.R. 2751, Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save Act, aka the “Cash for Clunkers” program. Don’t imagine we’ll see anything involving free money for old cars in the 112th Congress.

A dozen major trade associations representing food and beverage manufacturing, including the National Association of Manufacturers, on Nov. 30 sent a letter  urging the House of Representatives to approve the previous version of the bill, S. 510.

Coverage of Senate action:

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