CPSIA Update: Hearing Includes Manufacturers’ Representative

By December 1, 2010Economy, Regulations

Senate Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation has released the witness list for its hearing Thursday, “Oversight of the Consumer Product Safety Commission:  Product Safety in the Holiday Season.” It’s a reasonably balanced list, starting with the inclusion of Commissioner Northup, who with Chairman Tenenbaum could provide a good pro-and-con discussion of the just-adopted rules for the (anti-business, anti-consumer) consumer product safety database.

We’re pleased that Steve Lamar of the American Apparel and Footwear Association will be available to provide the manufacturers’ perspective.

Witness Panel 1

* The Honorable Inez Tenenbaum, Chairman
Consumer Product Safety Commission
* The Honorable Anne Northup, Commissioner
Consumer Product Safety Commission

Witness Panel 2

* Ms. Rachel Weintraub, Director of Product Safety and Senior Counsel
Consumer Federation of America
* Mr. Steve Lamar, Executive Vice President
American Apparel and Footwear Association
* Ms. Jill Chuckas, Board of Directors, Handmade Toy Alliance
Owner, Crafty Baby, LLC
* Dr. H. Garry Gardner FAAP
Chair, Committee on Injury, Violence and Poison Prevention
American Academy of Pediatrics

Jill Chuckas was not given the opportunity in 2009 at a hearing by Chairman Waxman’s House Energy and Commerce Committee, but she wrote prepared testimony that’s available here. Along with the home-based knitters and sewing businesses, craftsmen of handmade toys have been an especially effective critic of the incredible overreach of the 2008 law, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). They’ve had their livelihoods threatened; some of have closed their businesses because of the additional costs imposed by the CPSIA.

But those costs don’t disappear when applied to the large toy and clothing companies, they’re just spread across the marketplace. Consumers pay more, fewer toys or articles of clothing are available, and the safety gains are debatable.

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