Welcome Back to the Senate, Dan Coats of Indiana

By November 2, 2010Miscellaneous

The Indiana Senate race has been declared for Dan Coats, the Republican who returns to the Senate after retiring from the Congress at the end of 1998. Coats has always been a strong supporter of pro-manufacturing policies, and in doing so, well represented constituents of the most industry-intensive state in the nation. As a House member, his district included Fort Wayne — a manufacturing center.

Sen. Coats also served as U.S. ambassador to Germany under President George W. Bush, so he has a good sense of global competition entails. (See this Indianapolis Star report.)

In his final session as a Senator, the 105th Congress, Coats received the National Association of Manufacturers’ “Manufacturing Legislative Excellence” award, voting with the NAM’s “Key Vote” position 85 percent of the time.

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