The California Manufacturers React (There’s Disappointment)

By November 4, 2010Economy, Regulations, Taxation

From the California Manufacturers and Technology Association, “CA manufacturing gets a little help in state’s races and propositions:

Here’s the “GOOD” for manufacturing

  • Prop 26 passed and taxes can’t be passed as fees.
  • Prop 24 failed and a few of CA’s competitive tax policies remain.
  • Redistricting commission remains intact (Prop 20 passed and Prop 27 failed).
  • Steve Cooley still has a chance to be Attorney General (Cooley’s statement).
  • Pro-manufacturing candidates, Anthony Cannella and David Valadao, won competitive state legislative races.

Here’s the “REAL BAD”

  • Prop 23 failed, ensuring increased energy rates and other costs for all manufacturers.
  • The race for attorney general between Cooley and Kamela Harris, the San Francisco District Attorney, is headed for a full count and then a recount.

    CMTA drives home the message, one that California’s voters seem to be missing:

    With 12.4 % unemployed, more than a third of our manufacturing base gone, and the rest of the country opting to vote for private sector economic growth yesterday, California must find ways to be a competitive place to operate. For example, CA needs to join the rest of the country and exempt from sales tax the purchase of manufacturing equipment. CA also needs to reform its regulatory process by introducing independent economic analysis. Message to all manufacturers: We need your help to make our case in California in 2011!

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