Sen. Landrieu Gets a Commitment from Salazar on Drilling

By November 19, 2010Energy, Regulations

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) removed her hold, thus allowing the Senate to confirm Jacob Lew to be director of the Office of Management and Budget on Thursday. From Landrieu’s office, “Landrieu Receives Commitment from Sec. Salazar, Drops Hold of OMB Nominee Jack Lew“:

“Tonight I received a commitment from Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to provide certainty and regulatory clarity to an industry that has operated in the dark for months with shifting rules. The Secretary will come to Louisiana on Monday to meet with industry and express the Administration’s support for the oil and gas industry. He will outline the path forward so that permits will be issued and the people of Louisiana can get back to work in this vital industry. Given this commitment, I released my hold, so that Jack Lew can get to work balancing the federal budget and putting this country back on a path of fiscal discipline.”

Hope she’s right.

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  • Johann von Braun says:

    I’ll believe it when drilling resumes. I’ll be shocked if this deal Mary just made benefits anyone other than Mary. She’s repeatedly sold Louisiana and her constituents out in favor of the national democrat party. Time will tell whether or not this is just another democrat fleecing of Louisiana.

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