Paycheck Fairness Act: The Pressure’s Already on Senator Manchin

Chris Stirewalt of The Washington Examiner reports at Fox News on the political speculation surrounding newly elected West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, including his wooing by Republicans to switch parties. Seems unlikely, even with GOP support of coal-to-diesel.

Still, a fun speculative political piece, and since this morning is turning into Paycheck Fairness Act Day at, we’ll quote the relevant passage. From “Today’s Power Play: GOP Sweetens its Offer to Manchin“:

The first indication of where Manchin will stand likely comes next week in the lame duck session.Labor groups who backed Manchin over Republican John Raese are pushing hard for passage of the Paycheck Fairness Act. The bill, already passed by the House, would require employers who have multiple facilities in the same counties to pay all their employees the same wage.

It would be a coup for unions, because it would allow unions to limit the competitive advantage of non-union operations. Since labor provided key votes and support for Manchin, they likely will be counting on his vote.

Manchin, though, was also backed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which vehemently opposes the bill.

Earlier today…

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