No, the American Justice Partnership is Not Affiliated with the NAM

By November 2, 2010Briefly Legal

Thanks to Dan Pero of the American Justice Partnership for making the relationship between the AJP and the National Association of Manufacturers clear: There ISN”T one.

In this election cycle AJP has been active in several state races and we’ve been attracting quite a bit of media attention for our work, especially in state judicial races. 

Unfortunately, in reporting on AJP’s activities, news organizations have consistently managed to incorrectly describe AJP as connected to the National Association of Manufacturers.

While AJP was indeed launched in 2005 by the National Association of Manufacturers, and one of AJP’s co-founders was former Michigan governor and current president and CEO of NAM, John Engler, we are no longer affiliated with NAM.  Over a year ago, AJP became a completely independent organization, unconnected to and unaffiliated with NAM.  AJP receives no funds from NAM.  AJP is not working with NAM on any projects. AJP is not coordinating with NAM in any way — including on state judicial races.

Much of the inaccurate information about AJP appears to come from the Brennan Center (which has received millions in funding from George Soros’ Open Society Institute).  Last week, for example, this Soros grantee put out a press release describing AJP as “a group closely aligned with the National Association of Manufacturers.”

Yes, there’s been too much shoddy, lazy reporting that served the cause of the activist groups. The Raw Story “investigative” piece was especially bad.

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