NAM’s Engler: Time to Put the Manufacturing Strategy to Work

By November 3, 2010General

NAM President John Engler briefs association members on election results, Manufacturing Stategy for Jobs and a Competitive America.


John Engler, president of the National Association of Manufacturers, writing in The Hill, “With Election Day past, now act on manufacturing strategy“: 

Manufacturing and manufacturing jobs proved to be powerful and prominent issues in this year’s campaigns. 

Candidates from across the political spectrum campaigned on creating and preserving high-paying manufacturing jobs. House Democrats developed a “Make it in America” legislative agenda that was featured in their campaigns, and President Obama visited factories to defend his Administration’s economic record while making further proposals to boost business and investment. 

Republicans countered by calling for policies to unleash the private sector, keep federal taxes under control and reduce government’s burden on business. 

Even before the final votes are counted, it is clear that voters want Congress to act aggressively to support a competitive manufacturing sector in the United States. 

As Gov. Engler said throughout briefings and media interviews since Tuesday evening, the NAM has developed its “Manufacturing Strategy for Jobs and a Competitive America,” and it’s clear guide for Congressional action.

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