Lousiana Senators Unhappy with Salazar, Administration on Drilling

By November 23, 2010Energy

From Sen.  Mary Landrieu (D-LA), a statement reacting to the visit to Louisiana Monday by Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar, “Landrieu ‘Disappointed’ with Salazar’s Lack of Specifics to Get People Back to Work in Gulf“:

I am extremely disappointed that Secretary Salazar’s presentation today failed to provide regulatory certainty and a clear path for speeding up the process of issuing drilling permits. Our industry leaders are skeptical and have every right to be. They received a commitment to the tiered permitting process, which is a start, but the Gulf Coast needs much more clarity and specificity to move forward.

The holding of Jack Lew’s nomination was just one strategy, and unfortunately that option was coming to an end. I was assured a clear path forward was imminent, and I hope it still is.  However, there are many other tools at our disposal, and our delegation will use every one to send the message that it is harmful to our economy and our national security to keep this industry in the dark and on the sidelines. We now have this administration’s attention, but the fight is not over. I will keep the pressure on President Obama, Secretary Salazar and the rest of this administration until people in the Gulf get back to work.

Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) issued a statement, as well, “Says Salazar must address ‘permit logjam’“:

All of us from Louisiana hoped to hear some new policy, some permitting breakthrough, maybe a handful of new permits approved. But we heard none of that – absolutely nothing.

I told the secretary that this permit logjam had to change – this vital industry is virtually shut down. And I highlighted, along with industry representatives, the key issues that the Obama administration has to address to put people back to work.

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