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The darn funny Pearl Before Swine has just started a new storyline that draws on energy extraction.

Hydrofracking does NOT contaminate the aquifer with rodents.

And how is that Brewster Rockit: Space Guy! can turn around a strip about TSA screenings in less than two weeks? Impressive literary reference, too.

Meanwhile, Black Eyed Peas are everywhere in an Oprah sort of way with their new release, “The Beginning.” As the ultimate consumer product, the group is comfortable dropping the names of other consumer products. From The Washington Post’s review today, a citation of lyrics from the song “XOXOXO,” which the reviewer hates, hates, hates: “Girl you stole my heart like a klepto/Butterflies in my tummy need Pepto/Bismol.”

That’s got to be good for sales.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for a revival of Carter’s Little Liver Pills as a universal cultural reference. America’s too bilious these days.

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