In North Dakota, a New Senator, John Hoeven, Who Supports Energy

By November 2, 2010Energy, Miscellaneous

Gov. John Hoeven (R-ND) has already been declared the winner in the U.S. Senate race to succeed Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND). His victory represents a monumental shift in the North Dakota political landscape, as he becomes the first Republican to serve in the U.S. Senate from the state since Sen. Mark Andrews lost election in 1986.

Your blogger worked as press secretary on Hoeven’s first campaign for governor in 2000, and he’s the most focused candidate and elected official we’ve ever encountered. Good thing for North Dakota and now the U.S. Senate, he’s focused on jobs, business and economic growth.

As governor, Hoeven has fostered a regulatory and business climate that embraced comprehensive energy development, including wind and biofuels, but especially the incredible oil boom that industry has created by  accessing the Bakken Formation. As The New York Times put it, “Hoeven’s win would also give the state’s booming oil and gas industry an adamant advocate in Washington.”

That’s the kind of advocate the entire nation needs.

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  • John says:

    I just want to know that John Hoeven will be supporting Net Neutrality.
    I am a Computer Science major, I have very limited resources currently trying to pay down my loans while in school.
    Currently I use the net to view videos posted by my professors and instructors on what I am learning, and to save money. To save money instead of having cable and/or satelite television, I am able to veiw my favorite programs through different services on the web at no charge.

    If Net Neutrality is voted against, the cost just to watch the online content for my courses will go up, and make my overall budget tighter each semester.

    I really hope that as our Senator, John Hoven will research the issues concerning Net Neutrality and understands the negative ramifications to our economy as a whole by tiered charging for web content.

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