In North Dakota, a Manufacturer Becomes Governor

By November 2, 2010Miscellaneous, Trade

With North Dakota Gov. John Hoeven elected to the U.S. Senate, Lt. Gov. Jack Dalrymple will take over the governor’s chair. He’s a farmer and former legislator — heck of a House Appropriations Committee chairman — and will now become the fifth governor to hail from Casselton.

We’ll highlight his manufacturing chops here at Shopfloor. From his bio:

Dalrymple is a nationally recognized leader in value-added agriculture. He was the founding board chairman of Carrington-based Dakota Growers Pasta Company, the third-largest manufacturer and marketer of dry pasta products in North America. His work in helping to found the company earned him the 2007 Ernst and Young Midwest “Master Entrepreneur of the Year” Award. Dalrymple serves as chairman of the North Dakota Trade Office and is past chairman of the National Lieutenant Governors Association.

Semolina has no finer advocate. Congrats, Jack!

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