Happy Thanksgiving, Drive Safely, and Save Your Fats and Grease

The National Association of Manufacturers closes at noon today. We wish everyone an enjoyable, gratitude-filled Thanksgiving.

If you’re on the road, remember the words of William Bendix, who says, “When you drive your car, remember that your only guarantee of safety is lawful driving. Obey the traffic regulations and drive carefully. The care you take may save a life, and that life may be your own.”

Since we cite William Bendix, here’s a Thanksgiving-themed episode of “Life of Reilly” from 1944, “Turkey Hunt,” sponsored by the American Meat Institute.

And remember, if you have used fats left over …

(From Archive.org, the Old Radio OTR Public Service Announcements Collection)

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  • I love you post. Short and Sweet. And anyone who remembers William Bendix is my kind of guy, or girl. But to your point – Obey the law and pay attention. Wow, if we all did that – how may deaths and serious injuries would we prevent each year?

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