Engler: After Elections, Eschew Anti-Business Regulatory Agenda

By November 1, 2010Economy, Regulations

John Engler, President of the National Association of Manufacturers, spoke on Thursday, Oct. 21, to the Economic Club of Memphis. In the Q&A, he was asked about the elections. Engler:

I would hope a new majority in Washington would focus on job creation, on strategies that are important for manufacturing revival. I would advise: Do that every day, every week. That’s why you’re going to be given the opportunity to be the majority. Take advantage of it. If they disintegrate into a lot of warring little tribes and a lot of small-ball stuff, two years later they’ll all be thrown out. So I think there’s an opportunity.

I think from manufacturing’s perspective, we better be clear, and from entrepreneurial America, we better be clear when we go to Congress, here are some things we need you to do.

It’s not about the government creating the jobs. The private sector will create job if government will get out of the way. Give us permission. Let us get to “yes” on some of these.

The second thing is that you lose the House of Representatives, you’re the Democratic Party, you’re the Obama Administration, the temptation’s going to be to take these agencies and start trying to do everything through the agencies with different rules and policies and sort of run over the Congress.

And Congress is culpable here. Over the years, Congress has given time and time and time again power to agencies to come in and fill in the blanks. They give them the blank check, and guess what, an activist agency head will start cashing those blank checks some day. So that is the second thing that a new majority has to do. It has to be judicious in the use of oversight, because a lot of this agency activity is counter to job creation. It’ll destroy jobs, it will make the United States less competitive, and they better do very, very rigorous oversight on these agencies and they ought not let them run wild.

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