Election Day Notes 2010 and Manufacturers’ Coverage of Results

We’ll have Election Day coverage starting 6:30 p.m. Eastern today at Shopfloor.org, and our skilled Twitterers from the National Association of Manufacturers will be tweeting @Shopfloor_NAM and with the use of the hashtag #namvote.

For updates from Jay Timmons, the NAM’s executive vice president and a keen observer of things political, visit the NAM’s Election Center through the evening and early morning and probably mid-afternoon Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a few personal thoughts and observations…

This microtargetting of independent voters has gotten SO sophisticated. As we exited the Metro at Metro Center this morning, the Democratic activist playing the guitar was singing, “Roxanne, you don’t have to turn on the red light.”

North Dakota has a law that requires a halt to campaign advertising on Election Day, even to the point of requiring people to take down campaign signs. The law has helped create a tradition and a sense of transition, as campaign workers drive around the state in vans and pick-up trucks gathering the signs. The campaign is over, now we count, and then comes the change.

The law’s patently unconstitutional, a violation of First Amendment freedoms, but we can appreciate the sensibility behind it. Except it’s unconstitutional.

No such issue inside the Beltway. On WMAL radio this morning, we heard our first spot featuring Mary Kane, the Republican lieutenant governor candidate whom Bob Ehrlich picked to appeal to suburban D.C. voters. A little late to be unleashing your secret weapon. Judging from our local TV watching, Gov. Martin O’Malley outspent Ehrlich early and often on campaign advertising.

Democratic incumbent Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) dominated local TV last night with attack ads against Keith Fimian. You know an incumbent is feeling the heat when his ads have live rats scurrying through them. That’s an explosive charge: My opponent supports rodent infestations.

Your correspondent has already voted in Washington, D.C., using new electronic voting machines. There may be some problems: Harry Reid’s name was the first one that popped up on the screen.

Washington Examiner columnist Harry Jaffee’s piece today on the D.C. elections is amusing and accurate. He asks, “Why bother to vote in D.C. gulag?”

Well, for one thing, there’s a charter amendment on the ballot to change the appointed attorney general’s position an elected one. We blogged our thoughts at Point of Law, “For grandstanding, more litigation, elect D.C.’s attorney general.”

Also at Point of Law are several round-up posts (here and here) about races of interest to those who follow civil-justice reform issues. We haven’t seen this reported elsewhere: The American Association for Justice is recruiting member lawyers to go to Nevada as “election protection volunteers” to support Sen. Harry Reid.

Otherwise …good night, and good luck. Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

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