Congratulations to Manufacturer, Senator-Elect Ron Johnson (R-WI)

By November 2, 2010Economy, General

Ron Johnson, a Wisconsin manufacturer elected to the U.S. Senate

The Associated Press has now projected Ron Johnson, a Republican, to unseat three-term Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin.

Johnson effectively highlighted his business background in his campaign, making the point in ads (pictured left, full video here) that while 57 lawyers served in the Senate, there were no manufacturers.

From his campaign bio:

In 1979, Ron and Jane moved to Wisconsin, where Ron started a business called PACUR with his brother-in-law. Ron was the accountant and a machine operator, and for most of the company’s first year, Ron traded 12 hour shifts with his brother-in-law until they could train other operators.

With the help and dedication of the fine people Ron had the privilege of working with, PACUR has grown from a company supplying a single customer to the largest producer in the world of a specialty plastic used in medical device packaging and high tech printing applications. PACUR sells its products all around the world, with one of its largest export markets being China. PACUR is still proud to say: “We don’t export jobs, we export plastic.”

Rich Lowry, editor of The National Review, covered a recent speech Johnson gave to a hometown Chamber of Commerce group and reports, “Why Ron Johnson Is Winning“:

Johnson is an outsider’s outsider in an outsider’s year. The head of an Oshkosh manufacturing firm, he talks to the Chamber crowd as one of them. The schedule that is e-mailed out to reporters doesn’t say Ron Johnson will be at a given event, but that “Oshkosh manufacturer and U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson” will be at a given event.

“Maybe what we really need in this country,” he tells the Chamber crowd, “are citizen-legislators. People who have led a normal life, an ordinary life, a full life. Who had a full career, raised a family, drove their kids to school, attended their events.”

PACUR’s website is here.  Congratulations, Senat0r-elect Johnson.

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  • don m says:

    I certainly hope that we have elected a Wiscosin Senator that does right by his state. I refere to bill s787 the most terrible possible law if passed. Russ forgot where he came from please don”t you. The other BIG item is the federal support of the wolf program being CRAMMED down our throats and costs Wisconsin Millions in revenue. Do not listen to the humane society………….please Don

  • Pam says:

    Please keep true to your work when you go to Washington.
    Those of us in the Tea Party did the very best we could.
    Now we need to be sure those we send are able to not get taken in by the political machine and be faithful and honest in all they say or do.
    May God bless you and guide you every day~


  • Dave France says:

    Congratulations! Please let me know about what you think of means testing for Social Security benefits. People who are getting Railroad, Military, and the highest S.S. rate could maybe do with a little less. I get SSDI only at 50% of the top rate. They should get their money because they paid it in, but there needs to be some balance for people like me. I also favor a small percentage to go into stock market. At least there the big spenders couldn’t keep the “lockbox” empty! Values would vary, but not be stolen by progressives and liberal spenders. When I can find your mailing address, I will expand on other ideas. My dad and I owned businesses, so I know you know how it could be if done properly and honestly. Thanks, Dave

  • Jon Krause says:

    I heartily congratulate you on being elected yo the U.S. Senate, The U,S, Congress has plundered Social Security for 60 years. I, and millions more, have worked hard for this money only to find ou it has been stolen and used for pork. While Congress sits in its Ivory Tower, Oz if you will, we are going 2 years without cost of living increases. Meanwhile we watch cost of everything from bread togas continue to increase I, and many others, are counting on you to bring back the integrity the Senate once had.
    Your Proud Supporter
    JonA. Krause

  • Diane Rusecki says:

    Really, YOU WILL BE A SENATOR. Have Wisconsinites lost their minds?? You have no political experience, you are inept with Wisconsin issues. Good Luck one term senator

  • Tim says:

    Congradulations Senator elect Ron Johnson! The first time running and you have beaten Feingold, a third term Senator. God is with you. You have helped to give all Wisconsinite’s confidence for a brighter, better future. However, let your actions be bigger than your words. We are counting on you. Don’t compromise, don’t be afraid of making waves, stand your ground and do become a thorn in Obama’s side. Washington needs a watch dog, someone to lead the way for real lasting progress in our economy. We have confidence that you will not let the American people down. God bless you, your family and all your efforts in fighting for ‘we the people’. Thank you.

  • Trude says:

    In California (don’tcha pity me??!!) and heard your victory speech tonight on CSPAN – you sounded like one of our founding fathers. Thank you, DO NOT COMPROMISE – STICK TO THE PRINCIPLES. Please disable the “healthcare reform” if you can. There are many patriots behind you, fighting for our livelihood every day, and hoping the leadership will not fail us!

  • Stephen says:

    What a shame. Feingold was a better senator than you ever were a plastics manufacturer. I am so embarrassed to have you represent the shockingly uneducated people of Wisconsin. I hope you can’t find your way to Washington. God knows you won’t be able to find your way IN Washington. God bless and good luck.

  • I used to live in Wisconsin……and watched the politics.

    My father was one of the true fathers’s of Wisconsin, Richard M. Scullion…..”Iowa County”….”County Board Chairman”….37 Years..and I as his daughter would be proud to support you.
    Vivian Knoble

    I am proud of you but take care of IOWA COUNTY!!!!!

  • Eric says:

    Susan and Shaun, good luck paying for PACUR and supporting a candidate for governor who has no idea on where he stands on major issues and who claims that some things are clearly not issues.

    The only real reason I heard people actually voted for him was because he campaigned so heavily about being a man of faith. Yes… because that is clearly important to politics, that the politicians is not partial and is uncompromising in a country that tries to pride itself on that.

  • John Bauer says:

    Great Job Ron – can I take down my Johnson and Walker sings now???
    I will keep them in my garage until next election.

  • Susan and Shaun Melarvie says:

    Congratulations, we are so happy to have you represent the people of Wisconsin. Please stay the course. God Bless and good luck.

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