Robert Samuelson on How to Create Jobs

By October 4, 2010Briefly Legal, Economy

It’s Monday and thus time for another good Washington Post column on the economy from Robert Samuelson. Today, he examines what it takes to create jobs, “The real jobs machine: Entrepreneurs.” He concludes:

It’s all about risk-taking. The good news is that the entrepreneurial instinct seems deeply ingrained in the nation’s economic culture. Americans like to create; they’re ambitious; many want to be “their own bosses”; many crave fame and fortune….The bad news is that venture capital for start-ups is scarce, and political leaders seem largely oblivious to burdensome government policies. This needs to be addressed. Entrepreneurship won’t instantly cure America’s jobs’ deficit, but without it, there will be no strong recovery.

And you know what risk takers also count on? The rule of law!

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