Invective, Insults and Other Currency of Labor’s Campaign Realm

By October 23, 2010Labor Unions

Reading recent reports of union spending in the 2010 campaigns — “Public-Sector Union AFSCME Now No.1 Spender in 2010 Election Cycle,” for example — it occured to us that AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka hadn’t been quite as vociferous in his insults as of late.

We haven’t seen accounts of him accusing people of “economic treason” since his Oct. 6 speech to the Illinois AFL-CIO’s constitutional convention. The union leader may have realized he crossed the line with this vicious accusations — or recognized the invective wasn’t politically productive.

The populist attacks continue to pour forth from the underlings, though. Here’s the AFL-CIO’s politcal director, Karen Ackerman, in an Oct. 18 “State of the Field” memo to political directors:

[The] same corporations and right wing groups that created the economic crisis are spending record amounts of undisclosed money to lie to voters about which candidates will fight for the middle class.

Despite the challenges we face, we are turning working people’s anger into action and fighting for economic patriots who will stand with working people.

And if you oppose these “economic patriots,” you are …

For more on campaign spending, we commend this The Corner post by Daniel Foster, “Which Outside Group is Spending the Most on the Election?”

UPDATE (Monday): Guess Alexi Giannoulias didn’t get the message. Ron Kirk takes justifiable offense.

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