Friday Factory Tune: Venus in Furs (in a Dunlop Commercial)

By October 8, 2010Friday Factory Tune

The all-out weirdest TV commercial for a car tire ever. It’s a 1993 Dunlop Tire ad directed by Tony Kaye, the music being the Velvet Underground’s “Venus in Furs.”

The musical choice is as odd as the visuals, to say the least, ’60s avant garde proto-punk inspired by Leopold von Sacher Masoch, but since it was famously performed at Andy Warhol’s The Factory, it’s a real Friday Factory Tune.

Not sure if it was marketing or coincidence, but 1993 was also the year the Velvet Underground reformed for a European tour in its original line-up, Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison and Moe Tucker, missing only Nico, who died in 1988. Not a very good reunion — much better was Reed and Cale for “Songs for Drella” — but it had its moments, like Moe stepping out behind her bass drum to sing, “I’m Sticking with You.”

Moe has been a topic in the blogosphere this month. Turns out the one-time drummer for the demi monde is a supporter of the Tea Party. Hipsters are shocked.

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