Friday Factory Tune: Bear Cage

A Friday Factory Tune to commemorate this month’s 20th anniversary of German reunification, “Bear Cage” by The Stranglers. It’s a confused but amusing bit of Cold War equivalency evoking a divided Berlin (the name of the city comes from the German word for “bear.”)

Bear Cage by The Stranglers from Buddy Society on Vimeo.

Always loved the chanted part of the refrain: “Gee, (G.) I’m (M.) living (B.H.) in a bear cage
Gee, (G.) I’m (M.) living (B.H.) in a bear cage”

GMBH is the acrononym for Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, a limited liability company.

The B side of this 1980 single was topical, too — “Shah, shah, a go go.” Here’s a live version from a 1979 concert in Paris, a great set showing The Stranglers at their inventively most aggressive. That’s Dave Greenfield playing the analog synthesizers.

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