Dirty Jobs? Maybe, but also Smarts, Skills and Hard Work

Loved this reader’s e-mail to Glenn Reynolds, who had posted at Instapundit on Mike Rowe and the value and attractiveness of “dirty jobs”:

I am a very smart woman from a book-smart but not blue-collar family and I am a plumber. I sought this job out about five years ago and I think that I love my job more than almost anyone I know. I need a combination of mechanical intelligence (Obvious), social intelligence (you have to communicate with customers), and independence ( I am an employee of a medium-sized company but am on my own in the field (though I can call if I run into trouble)). I know that there is not an infinite demand for everyone in the U.S. to repair their neighbors house problems but damn, the high efficiency natural gas boilers come with computer controls and a 100 page manual. No-one should be ashamed to be the one who can come and make someone’s life better.

Rowe, who hosts the Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs,” was on Capitol Hill on Wednesday with the Association of Equipment Manufacturers to promote the “I Make America” campaign. News release, “‘I Make America’ Campaign Kicked Off by AEM and Mike Rowe of ‘Dirty Jobs'”:

AEM launched its “I Make America” national grassroots campaign to a packed crowd on Capitol Hill Wednesday. The launch event featured Mike Rowe, of Dirty Jobs fame, and was attended by several congressional representatives, media and equipment manufacturers. During the launch, both Rowe and AEM President Dennis Slater urged lawmakers to pass legislation supporting infrastructure investment and international trade agreements…[snip]

“U.S. manufacturing has suffered greatly during this recession, but the truth is, we’ve been allowing it to decline in this country for too many years. We need to stand up for our industry and put a stop to it while we still can,” said Slater. “Congress can create hundreds of thousands of good, sustainable jobs and keep America competitive in the global economy by taking action on infrastructure investment and free and fair trade.”

The “I Make America” campaign launch was just the start – the aim of the campaign is to create a groundswell of support that lawmakers can’t ignore. You can support “I Make America” by going to www.IMakeAmerica.com and signing up as a supporter and “Liking” the Facebook Page.


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