Chileans Noticed the U.S. and Global Aid in Miner Rescue

By October 19, 2010Innovation, Technology

Immediately below we highlight the contributions of Kennametal Inc. to the efforts of thousands of people in making the rescue of the Chilean miners possible.

An earlier Shopfloor post, “Pennsylvania Manufacturers Made Chilean Mine Rescue Possible,” noted the contributions of Schramm Inc., and Center Rock, Inc. We also see this Aug. 31 report  from The Roanoke Times in North Carolina, “Salem firm gives trapped Chilean miners its best shot“: “National Peening, a metal treatment plant on Industrial Drive, got a rush order from Center Rock, a drilling supply manufacturer out of Pennsylvania. It asked the Salem company to apply its strengthening process to two drill bits it hopes to use to expand the size of a small hole that rescuers are now using to communicate with the miners, who are 2,300 feet underground.”

In observing the important role of U.S. technology, technical experts and manufacturers, we certainly don’t intend to diminish the role of the Chileans themselves. The Chilean miners hung in there, for one thing, and ultimately it was Chilean engineers who oversaw the operation as the country rallied around the men. But the U.S. and U.S. companies were there, and the Chileans — and others around the world — recognized their contributions.

The image is from a Google news search, Spanish-language sources, for “Center Rock“, the top results.

That’s an interesting piece in Publico, the Spanish publication, “Un rescate sólo posible con la tecnología de otros países: Perforadora de EEUU, cápsula alemana y fibra japonesa.”

In English, it’s “A rescue possible only with other countries’ technology — U.S. drills, a German rescue pod, and Japanese cable.”

The Daily Oklahoman had a related editorial, “Capitalism shone in Chile mine rescue.”

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