A Public Service Announcement for New York Times’ Editors

To The New York Times, the “rule of law” is a strange concept that warrants scare quotes. Back in the day, the big media companies were more familiar with the underpinnings of the American Republic and its free-market system.

Here’s a public service announcement broadcast by CBS Radio during the May 14, 1949 episode of “Phillip Marlowe” called “The Promise to Play.”

A man who knows something about cars makes a better driver than a man who’s completely blank about what’s underneath the hood. And in the same way, a man who knows something about our American economic system is able to be a better citizen than a man who hasn’t any idea at all about what makes the wheels go around. Understanding our system of mass production enables one to feel renewed pride in the high standard of living this kind of production has helped provide. And it’s understanding, too, that enables us o work at some at our system’s defects – like sharp ups and downs in prices and jobs.  So read, study, listen – and with all of us working together, we can increase our productivity still further and provide for even wider distribution of benefits.

The audio clip is here. The full episode is available at Archive.org.

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