Trade with India: Opportunities and Obstacles

By September 24, 2010Trade

Top News Singapore, “Two-sided trade between India and Canada will be threefold in next five years“:

On Thursday, Anand Sharma, the commerce and industry minister of India said that due to the strategic partnership of India with Canada the two-sided trade between the countries will be threefold in the next five years time and reach the figure of fifteen billion dollars.

Anand Sharma, now in Canada, with an ambitious delegation of industry and business leaders for taking forward negotiations between the two nations stated that there was a huge prospect for trade between the two harmonizing economies.

Hindustan Times, “High stakes for US in Indian economy: Sharma“:

In a clear signal that its growing economy has high stakes for the American business, from nuclear to space sciences, India has asked the US to refrain from “irritants” like protectionist campaign against offshore outsourcing. “These are avoidable irritants, like what the Ohio outsourcing ban has been and hopefully that will not happen,” Indian Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma said here yesterday at an interaction with the Council on Foreign Relations, a prestigious think tank.

 As the two countries are fast paving way for nuclear commerce, several US companies engaged in the atomic reactors are eyeing the lucrative and large Indian energy market. India is aiming at generation of 20,000 MW nuclear power by 2020 from 4,000 MW at present.

Sharma said two countries are engaged in a strategic partnership and, “we should do only what helps in strengthening and consolidating this partnership, because there is so much at stake here, from agriculture to nuclear and space sciences, when we are engaged”.

The Council on Foreign Relations has a video of Sharma’s talk.

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