Trade Opportunities with the EU — For Canada, At Least

By September 25, 2010General, Trade

Canada’s leading business, manufacturers and exporting groups have written Prime Minister Stephen Harper to call for a serious, expedited handling of trade talks with the European Union with the goal of completing the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

From the letter (.pdf here):

Canada and the EU are working together to strengthen bilateral cooperation and show collective leadership in advancing common transatlantic and multilateral interests. The joint Economic Partnership Study launched at the November 2007 EU-Canada Summit projects that bilateral goods and services liberalization would create annual trade and investment gains of more than $40 billion. Canada will gain essential new markets for our goods and services in these challenging economic times.

More specifically, the upcoming round of negotiations in Ottawa the week of October 18th must deliver clear expressions of ambition on the part of the Canadian provinces if the federal government is to deliver a state of the art agreement in 2011.

The continued support of the business community for an early conclusion of CETA negotiations is based on numerous consultations and detailed discussions with our member companies. These firms are collectively responsible for millions of jobs, administer trillions of dollars in assets and are responsible for the majority of Canadian exports and investment between Europe and Canada.

The letter was signed by Roy MacLaren, Canada Europe Roundtable for Business; Perrin Beatty, The Canadian Chamber of Commerce; Joy Nott, Canadian Association of Importers and Exporters; and Jayson Meyers, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters.

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