Raising Taxes on Manufacturers is not a Pro-Manufacturing Strategy

By September 25, 2010Taxation, Trade

News accounts of the National Association of Manufacturers’ opposition to  S. 3816, the Creating Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act, which Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid filed cloture on Friday (Congressional Record here) plans to bring to the Senate floor on Tuesday. The bill permanently increases taxes on businesses with foreign operations to pay for a temporary payroll tax holiday.

The NAM’s letter is here.

The Hill, “On The Media” blog, “National Association of Manufacturers comes out against Senate outsourcing bill“: “The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) on Friday sent a letter to senators announcing its opposition to legislation that provides a payroll tax holiday to companies that shift overseas jobs to the U.S. and limits the use of tax deferral.”

Talk Radio News Service, “The Week Ahead On Capitol Hill

See also Washington Post, “Senate debates tax increases on companies that move jobs overseas.”

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