On Trade, Talk and Action: How Soon is Soon?

By September 17, 2010Trade

President Obama addressed the President’s Export Council on Thursday, and his Export Promotion Cabinet released its report making recommendations on how to double exports in five, now four-and-a-half years. There doesn’t seem to be much new from the statements and goals the President made in his July 7th speech announcing the council.

The President’s language on the pending free trade agreements remains the same:

July 7, “We also want to deepen and broaden our relations with Panama and Colombia.  So we’re working to resolve outstanding issues with the free trade agreements with those key partners, and we’re focused on submitting them as soon as possible for congressional consideration.”

Sept. 16, “We’re also working to resolve outstanding issues with our free trade agreements with our key partners, like Korea, and to seek congressional approval as soon as possible.”

How much work has really been done to resolve those “outstanding issues?” And …

How soon is soon?

The Export Council comprises an impressive roster of business and economic leaders, people who really understand trade. Perhaps they can help the Administration move on to the action stage of the export initiative.

As the NAM’s Frank Vargo told Fox Radio, “There’s no way we can reach the goal of doubling exports without getting a lot more market access…” That means, among other steps, enacting the pending Free Trade Agreements with Colombia, Panama and Korea.

The National Association of Manufacturers has developed a comprehensive set of actions necessary to reach the goal of doubling exports, “Blueprint to Double Exports in Five Years.”

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