On Manufacturing, Pennsylvania and the Election

By September 27, 2010Economy, General

In a new Pittsburgh Post-Gazette op-ed, John Engler, president of the National Association of Manufacturers, discusses the recent formation of a group in alliance with the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association to promote manufacturing issues with elected officials, candidates and the public.

From “Manufacturers’ call to action: Smart policies can strengthen U.S. competitiveness“:

Whether it is The Hershey Co. or U.S. Steel Corp., or any other company or manufacturing community in Pennsylvania, our quality of life is inextricably linked to the performance and vitality of the private sector.

Ultimately, voters will assess the issues and judge current policy makers and candidates based on their commitment to manufacturing, creating jobs and fostering a more competitive environment for businesses and workers. We must aim high. If we adopt this strategy, ambitious yet attainable goals are within reach.

The United States can be the best country in the world to headquarter a company, the best place to innovate and a great place to manufacture to meet the needs of the American market and serve as an export platform for the world. And Pennsylvania can and should take a leadership role to help make this a reality.

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