New Group Will Strengthen Pennsylvania Manufacturing

By September 23, 2010Economy

Kirk Liddell, president and CEO of the IREX Corporation in Lancaster, Pa., shares his thoughts on the announcement of a new manufacturers’ group in Pennsylvania. (See Pittsburgh Times, “National, state manufacturing groups unite.”)

As a manufacturer in the state of Pennsylvania, I know how essential manufacturing has been to our state’s and nation’s economy. Our economy is struggling and businesses – like mine – face significant uncertainty. We need policies that encourage investment and lead to job creation. We need policies that allow manufacturers to compete. That’s why I am pleased to serve as a part of the Pennsylvania Manufacturing Group, a partnership between the NAM and the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association (PMA).

Through this new effort, manufacturers in Pennsylvania are joining together to educate and inform elected officials and candidates for office on key issues impacting manufacturing. IREX Corporation, and 30 other manufacturers want to ensure those representing us in Congress, as well as our local and state officials, understand the policies manufacturers need to compete.

We hope to have a discussion with both Pennsylvania Senate candidates, Joe Sestak (D) and Pat Toomey (R) in the coming weeks about our manufacturing agenda. We will encourage them to endorse the NAM’s strategy and help us public advocate for these important policies. We also look forward to engaging current lawmakers and other candidates statewide seeking federal office on the right policies needed for manufacturing.

The strategy he’s referring to is the National Association of Manufacturers’ “Manufacturing Strategy for Jobs and a Competitive America.”

The Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association’s website is here.

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