Net Neutrality: Give Us Certainty, Not a Regulatory Choke-Collar

Coverage based on a news conference yestersday with the National Association of Manufacturers, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the Telecommunications Industry Association:

National Journal (blog), Groups Want Closure On Net Neutrality Debate“:

Some of the nation’s largest business groups expressed hope Thursday that stakeholders involved in the debate over network neutrality can come to an agreement with the FCC that would provide broadband users and others soon with certainty about the rules of the road without imposing regulations that might stifle innovation, CongressDaily reported.

But they acknowledged that Congress ultimately may need to pass legislation to resolve the issue.

PC World,Business Groups Question Net Neutrality Rules“:

NAM is also concerned with broadband deployment, said Marc-Anthony Signorino, director of technology policy at the trade group. “Right now, there are thousands of manufacturers in rural or underserved areas who are waiting for broadband services,” he said. “The faster we get it to them, the faster we can create jobs.”

Multichannel News, “TIA Storming Hill, FCC On Title II“:

What they don’t want is the FCC reclassifying broadband under Title II. What they do want: some regulatory certainty from Congress based on industry negotiations over an agreed-to set of openness principles.

They also don’t want Congress to rush though, saying legislators should take their time, and suggesting they did not see anything likely happening in this Congress. Signorini said there was no crisis that should be prompting a rush to act, saying there was no evidence of harms, and there was plenty of authority among the FCC, Federal Trade Commission, Department of Justice and the courts to deal with any that might arise.

Also, The Hill, “Net neutrality foes to label policy a ‘job killer’

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