NAM Releases its 13th Annual 2010 Labor Day Report

Labor Day approaches this year more with a feeling of trepidation than relief for the American worker.  Despite an economic recovery that began in the second half of 2009, the unemployment is higher now that it was a year ago and private sector job growth has slowed in recent months as consumer and business confidence has slipped.

The factors behind the current state of the labor market and the recovery are the topics of the thirteenth annual 2010 NAM Labor Day Report, which in addition focuses on possible legislation and regulations that could depress the outlook for workers and companies by making it more difficult for our economy to compete in the global marketplace.

One of the noteworthy findings of the report is that uncertainty with respect to both the underlying strength of the economic recovery as well as possible policy changes from Washington D.C is causing manufacturers to curtail employment and capital spending plans.

For comments from NAM President John Engler, see the NAM’s news release, “NAM Report Examines Impact of Anti-Labor Policies on Working Men and Women.”


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