Labor Day Report on Public Opinion of American Manufacturing 2010

The Manufacturing Institute, in partnership with Deloitte, today published the 2nd annual survey of the American public’s opinions on the manufacturing industry and its future. View the press release here. The 2010 Public Viewpoint on Manufacturing survey reveals that Americans have a strong, positive view of the significance of manufacturing in the United States, but lack faith in the government policies that will keep it strong in the future. The 55 percent of respondents who think the long-term outlook for manufacturing is weaker than today – compared to the 78 percent who see manufacturing as vital to the country’s economic prosperity – may explain why Americans are not encouraged to go into manufacturing.

There is no denying, however, that Americans want to see the U.S. as the world’s greatest manufacturer, and the 18.6 million jobs supported by manufacturing stay here on American soil. They believe that U.S. workers have what it takes to compete, identifying the attributes of a workforce, including work ethic, skills, and productivity, as the top three most important components that could contribute to creating competitive advantage.

However, as companies still report skills shortages in production workers, scientists, and engineers, U.S. manufacturing is at a tipping point. Unless we deploy policies and programs, such as the Manufacturing Skills Certification System to attract, educate and credential our talent pool, American manufacturers will lose our competitive advantage. For more information, contact or 202-637-3493.

chart of Labor Day Report on Public Opinion of American Manufacturing

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