House Passes H.R. 4072, Supporting Skills and Mobile Workforce

By a vote of 412-10, the House passed H.R. 4072, the AMERICA Works Act. The NAM sent a “Key Vote” letter to the House in support. John Engler, president of the NAM, said after passage:

American manufacturers frequently cite the need for a skilled workforce as among their top priorities. Employers rely on the right workers with the right skills at the right time to drive innovation, increase productivity and remain globally competitive. Workers need the technical skills to access employment and advancement opportunities. The best way to prepare today’s students and transitioning workers for the modern workforce is to offer training in nationally portable, industry-recognized certifications.

Skills certification plays an important role in a national economy where mobility of the labor force is critical. If you’re a young, adventurous and skilled manufacturing worker who wants to leave the East Coast and strike out for the boom economy of North Dakota, you could take your credentials and say, “See, my training — my credentials — demonstrates my abilities. I’ll be an excellent employee.”

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