Friday Factory Tune: Taxman

By September 10, 2010Friday Factory Tune, General

For obvious reasons, including President Obama’s tax proposals and yet another honor for the increasingly tiresome Paul McCartney, we turn to the Beatles and “Taxman,” the George Harrison tune, for this week’s Friday Factory Tune. More honors for George!

We remember watching these Beatles cartoons as a kid and thinking, “Oh, this isn’t any good.” Times proves us right.

“Taxman” always reminds us of “Pretty Green” by the Jam, and of course, Paul Weller built his career on borrowing freely from first the mods and then Mo-Town. Play the Supremes’ “Can’t Hurry Love” right next to “Town Called Malice,” and you can forgive George his borrowing from “She’s So Fine.” And “Taxman,” that was an original.

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  • apollo c vermouth says:

    Not at all surprised that Carter Woods political leanings would be a factor here.
    Sure Carter, sure. What a grievous remark.
    Offsets decades of good deeds as well as the thrills and inspiration Sir Paul has provided the world.


  • Carter Wood says:

    Offended by “increasingly tiresome,” eh? How about boorish?

    Jay Nordlinger at National Review, “Sir Jerk?”

    So, Paul McCartney is in the East Room of the White House, with President and Mrs. Obama. He is being fêted because he has just won an award from the Library of Congress. He caps the evening with this remark – this is his farewell, his send-off: “After the last eight years, it’s good to have a president that knows what a library is.”

    Can anyone tell me why people are such schmucks? Why they are so graceless and clueless and nasty? I mean, Paul McCartney’s like the richest, most popular, most honored musician in the world. Does he not have it in him to behave like a gentleman — or at least a non-boor — while he’s being celebrated at the White House? Does he have to be the Wanda Sykes of popular music? Is it not possible to love Obama, as McCartney does, without hating Bush — or at least insulting him on a high, non-political occasion?

    I don’t care that “Penny Lane” is a pretty tune, Paul McCartney is a horse’s butt. Let me amend that: He acted like one, on Wednesday night.

    Some More on McCartney

    “The Ongoing Sagacity of Paul McCartney”

  • apollo c vermouth says:

    Percy my friend,
    Hopefully others understand you’re being just a bit…ahhh sardonic?

    That is, towards this Carter Wood person. Who apparently doesn’t understand it’s a fool who plays it cool…

  • Percy Thrillington says:

    Yeah, tiresome ol’ McCartney and his ‘pathetic’ guitar solo in this song! Honestly.

  • apollo c vermouth says:


    Agree with you entirely.

  • Arne says:

    What’s tiresome is Paul bashing.

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