Friday Factory Tune: Digging for Something

By September 17, 2010Friday Factory Tune, General

The single off Superchunk’s first CD release in nine years is “Digging for Something,” good for its power pop but even better for its propane reference: “We laughed when the paddle boat sank/We were dancing on the propane tank.”

We strenuously warn against the practice of propane dancing, but are still looking forward to tonight’s Superchunk show at the 9:30 Club in Washington. (Special warm-up act for the D.C. crowd, Tommy Keene.)

It appears Superchunk has a difficult relationship with modernity and industry. In “Crossed Wires,”  lead singer Mac McCaughan reports, “I need sleep, but my brain won’t get tired/I smell like smoke from electrical fires/Don’t touch me, I’ve got crossed wires.”

But then, McCaughan’s busy. Merge Records, which he cofounded two decades ago, has had successes this year with hit music from Arcade Fire, She and Spoon. He talked about business in a good interview with the Daily Tar Heal’s “Diversions” columnist:

Dive: Is it difficult to manage your time between the band and Merge?

MM: It is. I think that that’s one reason that we haven’t done anything in a while as a band. When Superchunk is active, it’s hard to do everything, and I think the harder thing is to balance all that with having a family and doing other stuff that you might want to do. I think it’s just a matter of accepting that you’re going to be really busy, and not complaining about it.

Majesty Shredding” was released Sept. 14. Best album/CD/.mp3 download of the year.

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