For President, Transportation Questions Would Have Been Good

By September 21, 2010Economy, Infrastructure

Lori Ann LaRocco, Senior Talent Producer at CNBC, solicited reaction to President Obama’s appearance Monday at the network for a blog post, “Dick Armey Strikes Back At Obama, CEOs Weigh In On the Rhetoric.” Among those she cites is the NAM’s president, John Engler:

Governor John Engler, President of that National Association of Manufacturers also echoed the need for private jobs stimulation to me when I asked him what was the one question he would have loved the President to have been asked.

“It is all about jobs and we would have liked to have heard President Obama talk more about specific plans to create jobs and allow manufacturers to compete.”

Governor Engler told me a story that would have lead up to his question.

“A year ago the transportation bill — the bill that pays for bridges, and highways, rail and public transit expired. It’s a six-year bill that’s usually reauthorized on a bipartisan basis,” said Engler.

“Last year, House Transportation Chairman Jim Oberstar proposed a plan to increase spending on infrastructure to $500 billion. That’s ten times the $50 billion down-payment that you proposed on Labor Day. And, getting the highway bill reauthorized early in 2010 would have created more jobs than your Labor Day proposal. Why didn’t you get involved into this debate a year ago?”

He makes a good point.

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