Export Controls: Welcome Proposals, Actions from White House

By September 1, 2010Regulations, Technology, Trade

A round-up on export controls, with business groups generally pleased.

White House, Aug. 30, “President Obama Lays the Foundation for a New Export Control System To Strengthen National Security and the Competitiveness of Key U.S. Manufacturing and Technology Sectors“:

These changes – in what we control, how we control it, how we enforce those controls and how we manage our controls – will help strengthen our national security by focusing our efforts on controlling the most critical products and technologies and by enhancing the competitiveness of key U.S. manufacturing and technology sectors…. 

[The] current export control system is overly complicated, contains too many redundancies, and, in trying to protect too much, diminishes our ability to focus our efforts on the most critical national security priorities. 

National Association of Manufacturers, statement by NAM President John Engler,  Aug. 31, “Manufacturers Support Efforts to Modernize Export Controls“: 

We are pleased the Administration has taken an important step forward to fix our outdated Cold War-era export control system that puts manufacturers at a disadvantage and, according to the Quadrennial Defense Review, harms our national security.

Aerospace Industries Association, “AIA Supports Latest White House Export Control Initiatives“:

“We are very pleased by the progress the administration is making in reviewing the U.S. Munitions List,” said AIA President and CEO Marion C. Blakey. “The restructured list shows great promise in assigning the appropriate level of protection to technology exports across all levels of risk.”

In particular, the completed review of Category VII of the USML – Tanks and Military Vehicles – shows that about 74 percent of the 12,000 items licensed last year could have been safely processed under the less restrictive Commerce Control List. This indicates substantial potential savings in time and compliance costs to U.S. exporters in the future, with enormous benefits for our military and closest allies.


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