Don’t Make the Lame Duck More Lame

There has been much discussion lately about what measures will be considered in a lame-duck session of Congress. While some of the legislation is needed, such as annual appropriation bills and an extension of the so-called Bush tax cuts, other bills would be much more controversial and could be harmful to our fragile economy.

For the past two years, there have been numerous calls for Congress to pass a slew of labor union priorities – often these bills have more to do about strengthening the union apparatchiks than helping the working folk. Three good examples:

Though all three of these bills have nice titles that make them sound like fair-minded pieces of legislation, all of them will increase the cost of doing business. When you do that, jobs disappear.

The National Association of Manufacturers has been urging Congress to avoid considering each of these bills during a lame-duck session. There has been bipartisan opposition to each of these job-killing proposals in both the House and Senate. To take them up during a session of Congress when, as it appears right now, many Members of Congress will have been voted out of office would not reflect well on the institution. Moreover, all three bills were bad ideas before the election and they’re even worse during a lame-duck session. Congress, don’t make the lame-duck more lame.

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