Colombia’s Trade Opportunities Move On While U.S. Dithers

By September 24, 2010General, Trade

As Canada moves forward with negotiating and enacting trade agreements to institutionalize advantages for its exporters, the United States does not. Our friends and allies have noticed.

Today’s Washington Post features an interview with Juan Manuel Santos, the new president of Colombia, focusing on Colombia-Venezuela relations. Inaction by the Obama Administration and Congress on the pending U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Act is another point of discussion. From “What President Juan Manuel Santos wants for Colombia“:

What are you going to do about improving economic growth in your country?

Growth is going very well. In this year, I think we are going to grow about 5 percent. . . . We are going to concentrate on infrastructure, housing, agricultural business, mining and energy, and innovation.

You have had problems with the free-trade agreement with the U.S.
We have done everything we can. It is in the hands of the U.S. Congress. . . . People in Colombia don’t understand [why] if we are strategic allies, other countries have free-trade agreements that are not as strategic or as good allies. I hope that after November the free-trade agreement will be approved.

When the Republicans come to power?

Once you arrange your own internal political difficulties.

Are you trying to diversify your country’s trade?

Absolutely, yes. . . . We depend too much on the U.S. and Venezuela.

From Latino Business Review, May 19, “European Union opens free trade with Colombia and Peru

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