You’ll Take the Money and Like It

Remember how a few governors made headlines in 2009 saying they would refuse the federal stimulus money for their states? It was Republican governors versus a Democratic Congress, mostly.

H.R. 1586 contains a provision that makes it more difficult for a governor to position him or herself against Congress. If a governor refuses the federal dollars for education, some other state official or agency will get the money.

[Page: S6588] (8) ALTERNATE DISTRIBUTION OF FUNDS.–If, within 30 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, a Governor has not submitted an approvable application, the Secretary shall provide for funds allocated to that State to be distributed to another entity or other entities in the State (notwithstanding section 14001(e) of division A of Public Law 111-5) for support of elementary and secondary education, under such terms and conditions as the Secretary may establish, provided that all terms and conditions that apply to funds appropriated under this heading shall apply to such funds distributed to such entity or entities. No distribution shall be made to a State under this paragraph, however, unless the Secretary has determined (on the basis of such information as may be available) that the requirements of clauses (i), (ii), or (iii) of paragraph 10(A) are likely to be met, notwithstanding the lack of an application from the Governor of that State.

Clever. Politically, we mean.

UPDATE (11:10 a.m. Wednesday): The Daily Caller, “States not facing teacher layoffs get federal money from education jobs bill anyway

But they have to spend it. The law even prohibits using the money to replenish rainy day funds.

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