The Manufacturing Council

By August 6, 2010Economy, Trade

Commerce Secretary Gary Locke on Thursday announced members of the newly constituted Manufacturing Council, which will operate under the International Trade Administration. From the news release:

The Council’s new charter increases membership from 15 to 25 members and now includes more diverse and expansive industry representation in the manufacturing sector. The appointees represent a broad cross section of the industry and include steel, textile, superconductor and solar panel manufacturers both large and small. Their products support a diverse range of industries such as the auto, aerospace, apparel and energy efficiency sectors.

The Secretaries of Labor, Energy and Treasury have also been added as ex officio members of the Council to better collaborate on cross-cutting issues the Council will address.

 “A vibrant manufacturing sector isn’t just critical for the millions of Americans whose jobs depend on it,” Locke said. “Manufacturing is absolutely central to driving the innovation that fuels the American economy.”

“A strong manufacturing sector is critical to the health of the economy,” said Bruce Sohn, President of First Solar, Inc. and newly appointed chair of the Council. “I am pleased to chair this important committee and look forward to presenting the U.S. government with suggestions and direction to strengthen the American manufacturing sector.”

Locke made the announcement on Capitol Hill with members of the Senate Manufacturing Caucus, Sens. Debbie Stabenow (MI), Sherrod Brown (OH), Jeff Merkley (OR) and Tom Udall (NM).

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