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By August 2, 2010Economy, Energy

The Virginian-Pilot newspaper features a lengthy Q&A today with  Barry DuVal, the president and CEO of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, “He’s all (pro-)business at the Va. Chamber of Commerce.” On manufacturing:

Q. Is there any way for the state to reverse the current decline of the manufacturing sector?

A. There will continue to be a need to manufacture and ship products from the United States, and we are well positioned with our work force. Despite what you hear, the U.S. is still the leading manufacturer in the world. It’s still the highest-paying jobs.

And there is an opportunity for growth in this market for Virginia. Virginia’s work force is very competitive for those jobs. No one questioned the quality of the work at the Ford manufacturing plant. It wasn’t the work force but economic realities beyond that that forced the closure. I think the Ford plant will go through a rejuvenation. We’ve had discussions about energy in Virginia, and there are some short-term and long-term opportunities in that sector.

Lots of opportunities. Virginia was the top state for doing business according to CNBC’s state-by-state rankings in 2009, and is still No. 2 this year.

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